I would like to invite you on a deep journey inwards, to reconnect with your true self.

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Yoga, pranayama and meditation are all different parts of a soulwork practice. Soulwork is basically doing an inner journey where you are ready to be honest towards yourself, ready to be vulnerable and face your fears in order to grow and lit your inner fire and be the best possible version of you. A version that is free from past traumas, free from emotional blockages and free from fear. The true version of you.

​ The practice of yoga does not only increase your mobility, strenghtens your body and calms your mind. Yoga is a tool for healing. It's a practice of love towards yourself and others. More love, compassion and inner peace are all side effects from a regular yoga practice.

About me

I never thought yoga and meditation was for me, I could never really be present and calm, my mind was always everywhere but nowhere. I used to think I was meant to be miserable, that I somehow did not deserve to be happy or to be loved.

After starting a more regular yoga practice, things started to become clear, I could see myself through new loving eyes, I stopped being so hard on myself and started to listen more to that inner voice of mine rather than all the expectations people had on me and the negative thoughts I used to have.

I was working really heard after my Human Rights Master to do a UN career, trying to become something or someone. I've always been hard working and worked over 10 years with vulnerable groups through social work in Sweden and abroad. Thanks to my yoga practice and my spiritual journey, I've been able to let go of all the expectations and become more and more present and true to myself, finding my own path.

My struggle
Surviving two abusive relationships where I was tought that I was useless and not worthy of love, combined with a stress related breakdown from over working, were all important parts of my journey to where I am now and who I am today. Thanks to yoga and meditation I've been able to use all the difficult things I've been through as a fire to reach my full potential, to grow and release everything that is not serving me. I decided to use every bump in the road as something positive, something to learn and grow from. Yoga and mediation has truly helped me create a strong positive mindset.

My spiritual journey
2017 I decided that I wanted to deepen my knowledge of yoga, pranyama and meditation so I took my first teacher training in India in Hatha and Vinyasa yoga. In the beginning of 2018 I fell in love with yinyoga and took a teacher training within yinyoga and it was also the year I hosted my first yoga retreat in Bali and started teaching 5-8 classes per week in Stockholm. In April 2019 I felt that India was calling for me again and I went to the spiritual city Rishikesh for a meditation teacher training. I beleive we will all always be students as long as we are openminded and at the same time we can all be teachers if we are passionate about sharing our experiences and knowledge. August 2019 I took another advanced teacher training course in yinyoga and I willl keep collecting more knowledge to share with my students. During March 2020 I went to India again to take a 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training in Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. ​

My passion
Today there is nothing I feel more passionate about than helping others to heal and grow the way I did and still do with my soulwork practice. I feel incredibly blessed everytime I get to be a small part of someones healing process. This is my calling in life and when I can help others by sharing my light, my love and passion, I also become closer to my true self.

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"Feel the light - be the light - share the light"

A soulwork practice

In order to live life to the fullest, to be grateful and appreciate everything you have and everything you feel, you must find acceptance in what you can not change and let go of and release your fears. ​

A soulwork practice is combining your inner journey with a physical journey where body, mind and soul work together in strenghtening your breathwork, your body and your mind. A soulwork practice will help you heal in so many ways. It will reduce and remove physical and emotional pain and make you a stronger, more resistent and healthier version of you. ​

If you want to be stronger, more present, more connected to yourself, the Universe, mother nature, become more selfaware, heal from past traumas and remove emotional blockages, then a soulwork practice might be something to consider. ​

Anyone can start a soulwork practice at any time, and we all have to start somewhere. Question is, are you ready to start your transformation? Are you ready to go on a deep journey inwards, to reconnect with your true self?

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I teach vinyasa flow, yinyoga/restorative, hatha and hot classes in Stockholm. I also teach pranayama and meditation techniques. I also teach for companies located in Stockholm and private sessions combined with lifestyle coaching. I Host workshops on the subjects stress, positive mindset, trauma release, acceptance and healing. ​Once or twice a year I also host yoga retreats.

If your company wants to prioritize the health and wellbeing of their staff, I do classes for companies where I can come to your office and teach up on request. Companies I've teached at before are Pricerunner, Google, Björn Borg and Stockholms stad.

Deals Price/time-length
Yoga for campanies/corporate class 2000 SEK/60 min (Excluding VAT 6 %)

If I can share my knowledge and experience in order to help others heal and grow that would be a dream coming true. In August 2019 I started to take on private clients which means that you get your own private sessions designed based on your needs. If you wish to take a couple of private sessions with me I also include lifestyle coaching if that is something you would like. If you want to become one of my private clients, please send a request through the Contact form.

Deals Price/time-length
Yoga for private groups (4-10 ppl) 1800 SEK/75 min
Yoga for couples 1000 SEK/60 min
Private consultation 300 SEK/30 min
Private session 1000 SEK/75 min
Private sessions x 3 2400 SEK/60 min
Private sessions x 5 4000 SEK/60 min
Private sessions x 10 8000 SEK/60 min

I hold workshop on topics like stress, positive mindset, sisterhood, acceptance and healing. If you want to book me as a speaker for an event, please send a request through the Contact form.

Latest workshops
"Trauma and stress release" What happens in your body when you go through a traumatic experience in life, how does trauma and stress affect your mind, body and emotions? At this workshop we will discuss the impacts of trauma and use different techniques that can be used to help the body release trauma and stress that has been stored in your body. Techniques we will try during this workshop are TRE (Trauma Release Exercise) Shaking meditation & yinyoga and we will also use some of the time for discussion and sharing. ​ ​​

​ For price info send a request

Join me in Bali for the next SoulworkExperience Retreat. It's time to reconnect with yourself and get inspired to go deeper on your inner and outer journey. I feel incredibly blessed being able to bring a few of you to my sacred little paradise, a hidden gem on the North Cost of Bali. I fell in love with Bali back in the days when I was working for Unicef in Jakarta and had Bali just around the corner. For me Bali is so much more than just a travel destination, it's like coming home to a place where I can tune in with mother nature. ​​

This is a trip you don’t want to miss out on, not only will we experience magical nature, excellent food and amazing luxury villas where you can relax and rejuvenate. This trip will also give you the tools to become a stronger version of yourself, mentally, physically and emotionally. Through various yoga styles, meditation techniques, pranayama, healing sessions and workshops, we are going on an adventure you won’t regret. ​​

To find out how to book your spot, prices, program and what’s included, read more about the retreat in my Facebook group or through the Contact form.

Deals Price
Reservation cost 3000 SEK
Singel bed in shared 2 person room 13000 SEK
King size bed for 2 persons 14000 SEK/Person
King size bed for 1 16000 SEK

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